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Gambi-M in Bagnols sur Cèze (France) - In-Replica - 3D virtual replicas, 3D engineering, BIM, business applications for industrial and nuclear plants


Virtual replicas

A 3D working environment for your existing industrial plants

The virtual replica of your plant

We create virtual replicas of your existing industrial facilities based on laser surveys.

In-ReplicaTM will be delivered to you as quickly as possible, thanks to our automated point cloud processing solutions.

V-iSiteTM : our virtual tour application

The virtual replica is supplied with our V-iSiteTM virtual tour application.

It lets you move around In-ReplicaTM environments as if you were there. It will give you access to technical data, and allow you to take dimensions or make annotations. Enriched with your business applications, In-ReplicaTM will become a genuine 3D work environment in which you can transpose many of your activities. In-ReplicaTM is intuitive and easy to use, and can be deployed on most desktops and tablets. Its cost is reduced by a factor of 10 compared with the reverse engineering of a digital twin, while still offering numerous possibilities.

Send us a few point clouds of your installation for a free trial

Our other solutions

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Business applications

Business applicatons tailored to your needs

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3D data acquisition

Laser scans, CAD modeling, BIM reverse engineering, hybrid models, virtual and mixed reality

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