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3D data acquisition

Laser scans, CAD modeling, BIM reverse engineering, hybrid models, virtual and mixed reality

Integrate your technical data

In-ReplicaTM virtual environments are designed to integrate all your technical data. The point clouds generated by the laser scans serves as the basis for the virtual replica.

In-ReplicaTM can also integrate photos, CAD models and BIM models, giving full meaning to the concept of hybrid mock-ups.

In-ReplicaTM can also create gateways to technical data management software applications such as databases or document libraries.

Complementary services

Gambi-M also offers services in the following areas to ensure that our services are as comprehensive as possible and meet our customers’ overall needs:

  • Laser surveying
  • Point cloud processing (with our VICTOR and GAUTIER algorithms)
  • CAD and BIM digital mock-ups
  • Virtual and mixed reality solutions
  • Software application development

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Our other solutions

Gambi-M in Bagnols sur Cèze (France) - In-Replica - 3D virtual replicas, 3D engineering, BIM, business applications for industrial and nuclear plants
Virtual replicas

A 3D working environment for your existing industrial plants

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Business applications

Business applicatons tailored to your needs

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