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Business applications

Business applicatons tailored to your needs

Transpose your uses into your virtual replica

In-ReplicaTM is designed to transpose your activities into the 3D environment of your plant.

You can virtualize your activities, whether you’re drawing up a prevention plan, integrating new equipment, or carrying out specific technical surveys such as mapping or locating plans.

Create a real working environment

In-ReplicaTM is designed as an easy-to-access virtual workspace, offering real user comfort, while freeing you from the severe constraints of real installation.

Our business applications are tailored to your specific needs.

They are based on a number of common foundations, which makes their price and development time highly competitive.

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Our other solutions

Gambi-M in Bagnols sur Cèze (France) - In-Replica - 3D virtual replicas, 3D engineering, BIM, business applications for industrial and nuclear plants
Virtual replicas

A 3D working environment for your existing industrial facilities

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3D data acquisition

Laser scans, CAD modeling, BIM reverse engineering, hybrid models, virtual and mixed reality

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